The TenAnts, an art show

10 Ants is the title of an exciting and meaningful artist exhibition conceived by Valentina Atkinson of Serrano Gallery at Silver Street Studios. The opening reception will be held at Silver Street Studios on Saturday, February 11, 6-9 pm and will run through February 15.

Each of the ten artists selected are tenants of the Silos, Winter Street, Spring Street and Silver Street Studios. In addition, the reference of “ants” is very appropriate as these artists have a shared focus to further the strength and viability of the arts in Houston, while incorporating their international artistic influence from Mexico to France, Brazil to Australia.

The 10 Ants paint a broad stroke relative to their involvement with the arts. Several serve on artist advisory committees to organize events and to help expand the careers of fellow artists, curate major public art exhibitions, volunteer to teach in school art programs, produce an art magazine and generously lend their time and energy to organize complicated exhibitions. 

These are not artists who go to their studios each day and solely work on their personal projects.  These are artists who keep their studio doors open, invite conversation and help to support an entire community.  This is the definition of art with a “soul.”  Community is about holding your arms open and assisting in the efforts of others. It is about setting aside your own interests and offering generous listening to what is occurring for others. It is about knowing that what we do as artists is always better when we hold a space for others.

The art will be displayed on ten large wooden crates as used for international shipping. They are raw and fabulous and will showcase the art in an extremely unique manner. The exhibit will include painting, digital art, plastics, sculpture, mosaic, jewelry and fabric.




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