6 feet x 7 feet x 0.25 in

Thread and Thumbtacks

Photo by Graciela Socorro

Houston, 2017

My territory

I create borders just to be able to perceive a space, an area, as a constructor uses a leveling string

to determine the site.

These limits are fragile; is it a tool for perception, protection, or rather, is it a tool to trace a playground?  

These personal borders can be made by drawing a line on the ground with my finger , or a stick, and easily erasing it when it is over.

Other times, these borders can be made by imaginary walls, and can disappear as soon as I imagine something else.

I can make them by words, I can make them with objects.

The border proposed for this project, is made by using wax thread and thumbtacks, encapsulating a space, memories and anecdotes.

This is a site-specific installation, a subtle perspective, an oblique drawing; it is a loose and almost spontaneous process.

The vertexes are held in place by a simple thumbtack, pinned to keep the line and the shape, and acting in unison with the rest, forming a unit, a small crowd holding together a beautiful shape, all protagonists in marking a territory-- my territory.



Space interventions- Murals-Public Art

Art Wall 2016, Washington Arts District, 1502 Sawyer street, Houston Texas

September 2016

41' long by 21' high



 Art Wall 2016  Houston TX    41' long by 21' high  Photo by William Guaregua

Art Wall 2016  Houston TX  

41' long by 21' high

Photo by William Guaregua


Studio 122

26' long by 3' high

September 2015

Photos by Carlos Ocando